This year we want your help to Share The Glory from our community to communities all over the world. We’ve partnered with Funds2Orgs this year to host a shoe drive fundraiser at Steubenville St. Paul. The shoes collected will go on to support families and micro–enterprises in developing countries.

More than 70% of the global population relies on repurposed clothing and shoes. Not only will your donation help those in need, but you will also help keep shoes out of landfills which is harmful to the environment. AND funds received will help to make Steubenville St. Paul possible for more youth participants. It’s a WIN–WIN!

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So, how can your group help?

Before you arrive, please complete the following steps, if possible:

Tie shoelaces together, or bind pairs with a rubber band.

Place shoes in clear plastic bag of 25. If less than 25, bring in any bag you’d like  we can prep them onsite!

When you arrive at the dropoff:

Come ready to help prep the shoes for pickup. Many hands make light work!