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Every Wednesday at 10am our Executive Director, Amy Cummings interviews a special guest and tackles a new topic. Connect with us on Facebook to watch LIVE or watch the previous episodes of PFY LIVE by clicking the button below.

Meet Our Guests

June 17, 2020
Annie Grandell
June 24, 2020
Mark Joseph
Franciscan University
July 1, 2020
Sarah Swafford
Emotional Virtue
July 8, 2020
Father Joseph Gifford
All Saints Catholic Church
Watch PFY LIVE with Annie Grandell
TOPIC: Discipleship resources from YDisciple
Watch PFY LIVE with Mark Joseph
TOPIC: Leadership tips and info about Steubenville LIVE
Watch PFY LIVE with Sarah Swafford
TOPIC: Surviving life during Covid-19 and how we can stay connected to Jesus and each other
Watch PFY LIVE with Father Joseph Gifford
TOPIC: Sharing about the opportunity to serve on the Covid-19 Anointing Corps

July 15, 2020
Father Mike Schmitz
University of Minnesota | Duluth

July 22, 2020
Katie Prejean McGrady

July 29, 2020
Bishop John Quinn
Diocese of Winona - Rochester

August 5, 2020
Andrew Wagenbach
Watch PFY LIVE with Father Mike Schmitz
TOPIC: How to thrive in a season of suffering and uncertainty

Watch PFY LIVE with Katie Prejean McGrady
TOPIC: Youth Ministry in a pandemic world

Watch PFY LIVE with Bishop John Quinn
TOPIC: A message of hope and encouragement

Watch PFY LIVE with Andrew Wagenbach
TOPIC: Doing Youth Ministry Outdoors

August 12, 2020
Matt Regitz
August 19, 2020
Pat Millea
August 26, 2020
Molly Schorr
September 2, 2020
Katie Prejean Mcgrady
Watch PFY LIVE with Matt Regitz
TOPIC: Practical Tips for Moving Your Youth Ministry Forward
Watch PFY LIVE with Pat Millea
TOPIC: Confirmation: the most misunderstood Sacrament
Watch PFY LIVE with Molly Schorr
TOPIC: How to Get Creative with Small Group Ministry

Watch PFY LIVE with Katie Prejean mcgrady
TOPIC: Let us lend a hand - Hurricane Help
September 9, 2020
Chris & Linda Padgett
September 16, 2020
Archbishop Bernard Hebda
Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis
September 23, 2020
Randy Raus
President of Life Teen
September 30, 2020
Connor Flanagan & Abe Gross
TOPIC: Doing Ministry in a Pandemic
Watch PFY LIVE with Chris & Linda Padgett

TOPIC: A message of Encouragement
Watch PFY LIVE with Archbishop Hebda
TOPIC: Resources that Make Disciples
Watch PFY LIVE with Randy Raus
TOPIC: How to do zoom worship really well
Watch PFY LIVE with Connor & Abe
October 7, 2020
Chris & Linda Padgett
October 14, 2020
Yogi + Amy Cummings
October 21, 2020
Matt & Stephanie Regitz
October 28, 2020
Pat & Kenna Millea
TOPIC: Happy Place Homestead
Watch PFY LIVE with Chris & Linda Padgett

TOPIC: 4 Pillars to Build Faith and Family
Watch PFY LIVE with Yogi & Amy Cummings
TOPIC: Building the Domestic Church
Watch PFY LIVE with Matt & Stephanie Regitz
TOPIC: The Balancing Act – Marriage & Ministry
Watch PFY LIVE with Pat & Kenna Millea
November 4, 2020
Amy Cummings
November 11, 2020
Mary Bielski
November 18, 2020
Dana Webskowski
November 25, 2020
John Beaulieu
TOPIC: The Day After The Election
Watch PFY LIVE with Amy Cummings
TOPIC: Ministering to the Hearts that Serve
Watch PFY LIVE with Mary Bielski
TOPIC: Lead, Don't Leave
Watch PFY LIVE with Dana Webskowski
TOPIC: The Mysterious Mysteries of the Rosary
Watch PFY LIVE with John Beaulieu