Amy Cummings | Executive Director

Amy currently serves Partnership for Youth as Executive Director.

For the past 12 years Amy has led the helm at PFY. She received her B.A. in Organizational Management from Concordia University and has used that skill-set to lead, manage, and organize both volunteers and staff for Partnership for Youth. Her professional background also includes being a FertilityCare Practitioner teaching couples how to understand the powerful gift of their fertility.

Amy enjoys spending time with her husband and best friend Brett (Yogi), traveling, gardening, and playing a good game of Blokus. On a great day you will find Amy curled up with one of Karen Kingsbury’s books and a Ho Ho Mint Mocha from Caribou!

From an early age, Amy has relied on her faith to see her through the joys and struggles of life. She is passionate about the next generation and feels blessed and honored to work for an organization that is giving them opportunities to experience a deep encounter with Christ.