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  • Steubenville Conferences 2019

Steubenville Conferences

Real Lives Changed. #SteubieMatters

Kory LaCroix | Steubenville Matters
Father Paul Shovelain | Steubenville Matters
Kelly | Steubenville Matters
Andrew Wagenbach | Steubenville Matters
Benjamin | Steubenville Matters

Steubenville Rochester | Partnership for Youth
Franciscan LEAD | Partnership for Youth
Steubenville On The Lake| Partnership for Youth
Come & See| Partnership for Youth
Steubenville St. Paul | Partnership for Youth
Partnership for Youth Volunteers


Ignite, a Middle School Event


Join other students as they gather from across 11 states and 2 countries.
Our events are designed to draw your students to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.
Come experience Christ in a new way!